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-Martin Luther King Jr.

Staceyann Chin, National Equality March 10/10/09 photo: Ed Needham

Friday, February 5, 2010

Corporations are people, too. (no, really)

The recent ruling in Citizens United v. Federal Elections Commission brushes away bothersome restrictions to political contributions on behalf of corporations. All in the name of freedom of speech and the 1st Amendment. So you'd better get on the stick and start making some six figure contributions to your Congressman. After all, you'd like him to return your calls, too, right?

Great coverage below by PBS and NPR.

Supreme Court Rips Up Campaign Finance Laws 

by Deborah Tedford

The decades-old system of rules that govern the financing of the nation's political campaigns was partially upended by a U.S. Supreme Court ruling issued just ahead of the pivotal 2010 midterm congressional election season.

Thursday's landmark decision, approved by a 5-4 margin, could unleash a torrent of corporate and union cash into the political realm and transform how campaigns for president and Congress are fought in the coming years.


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